28/12/09 New Arrival

Location: Lincolnshire

Today we caught the train to Manchester from Exeter then got a lift with my sister Katy and Ray over to Hathersage to visit my brother, his wife Helen, their daughter Amelia - and star of the show, their new son Ethan. Massive congratulations to them all. My new nephew made a lasting impression on Jen unfortunately by redepositing his lunch down her front. From such a small person the volume was impressive.

Now back on the family farm near Kirkby on Bain. My oldest sister Ruth is here with Sam and her own bump. She wasn't pregnant when we left so it's really nice to see them both in person and say even more congratulations. Been a busy day so no training but it's great to see all the family again.

25/12/09 Christmas Day

Location: Exeter

Merry Christmas Everyone

Just got back from a very cold swim in the sea at Exmouth, an annual event where "crazy people" (thanks Hazel) such as Charlie and I take a Christmas Day plunge to work up an appetite for lunch. Next time it's going to be fancy dress all the way.

Hope you all have a great day.

24/12/09 Xmas Eve

Location: Exeter

Happy 30th Birthday Jen!

Spent a great day with Jen's family - Kate and Tam had arranged a surprise treasure hunt which took us around Topsham and ended in the Drake pub where her 'treasure' was a bottle of Champagne and a load of chocolate coins, a safe bet for making Jen happy.

22/12/09 First Blog

Location: Exeter

At last the website is finally up and running after a few technical problems - so first off a big thanks to my brother for finding the time to help sort it out despite having a new born baby to look after (congratulations again Art and Helen). I'd also like to thank the guys at Teko for the socks they have kindly donated to the expedition, a great early xmas present to unwrap when we arrived.

Jen and I are now back in the UK after our five and a half months away and its great to be here after a fantastic time in India and Nepal. We are currently staying in Exeter with Jen's parents where we will be for Jen's 30th and Christmas day. After that it's back to the farm for New Year and then on to Newcastle.

Today we were both wide awake by 5am thanks to jet lag so decided to set off on an early run and despite the icy cold we managed a good six miles in the dark wearing head torches. Looks like the weather's getting colder though so might have to be careful in future as the icy pavements are getting treacherous.