Would you like to get involved in the excitement and adventure of an Everest Expedition? 
Would you like to see your company logo at the top of Mount Everest?

If so then read on...


I have already managed to gain sponsorship from high profile brands such as Vango, Mountain Hardwear and Teko, all of who have very generously assisted with expedition gear. However, what I really require now is a company that wants to put its stamp (and branding) on the expedition.

To sponsor an Everest Expedition and see your company flag on the summit* usually costs around £5,000 to £10,000 - or even more. But as I am lucky enough to be taking part in an expedition that my friends are running, I have managed to keep costs to a minimum (though this is still Everest). For £1000 your company could be a major sponsor of the expedition, with branding on the expedition website, branding on expedition clothing, links on this website to the company, mentions in media articles, the blog and dispatches from the mountain - and of course that all important summit picture. Plus sponsorship is often a tax liability benefit. If you really wanted to get involved then a single 'Summit' sponsor is still required for the expedition at a cost of £2500. 

The full benefits of sponsoring the expedition are:
- Photograph of company flag/logo on the summit of the world 
(ideal for boardrooms or reception areas)*
- Potential PR and media coverage
- Logo on down suit/Expedition clothing
- Sponsors name and logo plus links on expedition website
- Inclusion in expedition blogs
- Opportunity to become involved in a charitable cause
- Employees can be 'stakeholders' in the attempt, building team spirit
- Everest has strong associations with concepts like ambition, team work and determination
- Sponsorship can be a tax liability benefit

If any of the above sound appealing and you are interested in getting involved in sponsoring the expedition then please contact me at Ed@EdonEverest.com or use the contacts form on this website.

Many Thanks


*If, for whatever reason, the summit is not reached then photographs of the company logo will be taken at the highest point attained. It's worth mentioning though that the head of the expedition company has summitted four times already, and his brother twice - so they know the mountain and know what it takes to get to the top of the world.